Due to an executive order issued by Governor Doug Ducey, a statewide curfew goes into effect on May 31 - June 8 from 8 p.m-5 a.m each day. Click HERE to more.

Mission Statement 

The City Council represents and serves our community as responsible stewards of the public trust. We envision and shape our future by engaging citizen involvement and fostering City staff innovation.


Goodyear has a Council-Manager form of government. Our charter provides for six councilmembers and a mayor - all elected at large on a non-partisan ballot. The Mayor and Council serve four-year terms. The Mayor has a two-term limit and Council a three-term limit. Councilmembers serve staggered terms to ensure continuity.


Mayor                 Term                 Salary
Georgia Lord   2017 - 2022   $23,000
Vice Mayor   Term   Salary
Bill Stipp      2019 - 2024
Council Members   Term   Salary
Joe Pizzillo
  2017 - 2022
Sheri Lauritano
  2019 - 2024
Wally Campbell
  2017 - 2022
Brannon Hampton   2017 - 2022   $9,200
Laura Kaino   2019 - 2024    $9,200