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City of Goodyear

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Request for a Water Meter Test

City of Goodyear Code §14-6-4, Meter Tests, states:

"Each consumer may request a meter test for the meter supplying water to their premises. A written request for the meter to be tested must be received prior to the test. A testing fee, set by resolution of Council, will be added to the consumer's water bill prior to testing. If the meter proves to be faster than the acceptable limits set forth by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the customer's water bill for the current period will be adjusted on the consumer's next water bill by the Finance Department in an amount that reflects the difference in pricing and the testing fee. If the meter proves to be within, or slower than the acceptable limits set forth by AWWA, the testing fee will be retained as revenue for the Public Works Department."

In accordance with the above City of Goodyear Code §14-6-4:

I am submitting this official written request to have the meter supplying water to my premises tested for accuracy. I understand that a charge will be added to my water bill for the costs incurred by the City and the independent testing agency, which will only be refunded if the test proves the meter is operating faster than the limits set forth by the American Water Works Association. By submitting the Request for Meter Test form, I agree to pay for any and all costs applicable by City Ordinance §14-6-4. I request that the meter located at the address below be tested.

Contact information:

Contact information:

Meter tests are performed by an independent certified testing agency.  Fees for testing are set by the independent agency.  The meters will be removed by the City and sent to the certified testing agency for independent testing. Current City of Goodyear labor and equipment rates are $23.15 an hour per technician and $30.00 an hour per utility vehicle.  A representative with the City of Goodyear will contact you, via the phone number provided, within one (1) business day regarding the final test results once the results are received.
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