Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for investigating all types of persons and property crimes.

Division personnel provide specialized investigative techniques to assist patrol personnel. The Division is divided into six sections based on areas of responsibility. The Division is managed by a Lieutenant, who has the responsibility for all units. These six units include:

  1. Person Crimes Unit
  2. Property Crimes Unit
  3. Special Victims Unit
  4. Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET)
  5. Crisis Services Unit
  6. Crime and Intelligence Analysis Unit

The mission of the Investigations Unit is to investigate, identify, arrest and gain successful prosecution of individuals involved in criminal activity as well as recover any stolen property. 

Detectives investigate cases beyond the resources of the Patrol Division and participate in all forms of investigative activities including: conducting surveillance, serving arrest warrants, search warrants, and sex offender accountability.

Detectives investigate complex and demanding cases, which could take months, sometimes years to fully investigate.