The primary function of the Patrol Division is to provide core police services to the community.These services are the most visible on a daily basis and include uniformed sworn police patrol as well as civilian police assistants.

Patrol consists of the largest allocation of manpower and is unlike any other division within the police department due to its high visibility and daily contact with the citizens of Goodyear.

Patrol officers are the first line of defense in a threat to public safety. These highly trained men and women place themselves at risk every day to protect the community, whether responding to an accident, pursuing a fleeing vehicle, apprehending an armed suspect or handling a violent domestic dispute. The officers are required to bring about a successful resolution to situations, which at times may seem impossible. These challenging tasks are accomplished in strict adherence to state and federal laws and held within the high standards of conduct set forth in the Police Officers Code of Ethics.

The Patrol Division is responsible for citizen initiated calls for service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in addition to officer‐initiated activity.

Some of the functions performed by the Patrol Division include preventive patrol, preliminary criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, response to all emergency situations, initial accident investigations, calls for service and ensures safety and security to citizens and visitors alike.

The Patrol Division works in partnership with other Goodyear Police units, governmental agencies and community organizations to solve crime at the neighborhood level.