Required Face Coverings FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mayoral Emergency Declaration Requiring Face Coverings


Q: Am I required to wear a face covering in the City of Goodyear?
A: Yes. In accordance with Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-40, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor’s Countywide Ordinance, and Mayor Lord’s Emergency Declaration, all persons who are present in the City of Goodyear must have possession of a face covering when they leave their home or place of residence, and must wear the face covering in public whenever they are within six feet of another person who is not a member of their family or household.

Q: When is this policy effective?
A: This requirement is effective as of 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, June 21, 2020.

Q: What does it mean to “wear” a face covering?
A: The City of Goodyear considers effectively wearing a face covering to constitute it covering snugly (but comfortably) over your nose and mouth, per guidance from the AZ Department of Health Services.

Q: Are there exceptions to this requirement?
A: Yes. The following exceptions apply:
• If a person falls under the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control for those who should not wear a face covering due to a medical condition, mental health condition, developmental disability, or are otherwise covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act;
• Children under six years of age;
• Due to religious beliefs;
• In schools or educational facilities;
• While dining at a restaurant;
• While exercising outdoors or while walking or exercising with other people from the same household, only if physical distancing of at least six feet from others who are not your family members can be maintained;
• While playing organized group or team sports, exercise, swimming or other physical activities where you are not able to wear a face covering or physically distance;
• While in settings where it is not practical or feasible to wear a face covering, including visiting the dentist or getting a medical treatment.

Q: Where can I find guidelines about what constitutes an effective face covering?
A: The City of Goodyear recommends following the guidelines issued by the AZ Department of Health Services, found here:

Q: Will I get in trouble for not wearing a face covering in public?
A: Possibly. Enforcement of this policy will first focus on educating and working to promote the
mitigation of the spread of COVID-19. A first offense will result in a warning. A second, or
subsequent offense, may result in a civil penalty of up to $50.

Q: Who do I call to file a complaint about non-compliance by a person or business?
A: We encourage our residents and visitors of Goodyear to prioritize their own compliance with
these orders before making a formal complaint against others. However, if you feel someone is
jeopardizing the health of themselves or those around them and you would like to make a
complaint, please use the non-emergency Goodyear Police Department phone number at (623)

Q: Who issues citations for violations of this order?
A: The Goodyear Police Department and Maricopa County Sheriff Department may write civil
citations within the City of Goodyear.

Q: Can a business refuse service to me for not wearing a face covering?
A: Yes. Businesses have the right to refuse service for failure to comply.

Q: When will the City of Goodyear’s face covering requirement expire?
A: This policy will remain in effect until EO 2020-40 is terminated by Governor Ducey, the
countywide ordinance is terminated by the Board of Supervisors, and/or the Emergency
Declaration is terminated by Mayor Lord.