Correct Container Placement

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Here's what you do!

The City of Goodyear offers the best level of sanitation service in the state! For $22.80 per month, we provide automated curbside trash and recycling pickup once a week - both on the same day - and provide bulk trash collection pickup once per month.


container1Pickup Day

Collection is in front of your home. Place all containers out on the curb the night before your pickup day or by 6 a.m. on pickup day. For collection, place your containers 3 feet apart with the wheels and handles facing the house. 



Containers should be placed on the street with wheels against the curb, not on the sidewalk. Containers must be placed four feet away from vehicles, mailboxes, and other objects. If you have two or more containers place them three feet apart on pickup day. Park vehicles off the street on collection day. Pickup times vary.




Keep Lid Closed & Bag All Garbage

Do not overfill your container. Lids on containers must be closed to prevent waste from spilling on to streets. This also helps to eliminate odors, fly breeding and other pest problems. Bagging all garbage helps eliminate container odor. Double bagging food waste helps as well. Do not place items on top, next to or outside of the container. If you do, none of your trash will be picked up because it is automated. All items must be inside the container for collection.

After Collection

Your containers must be removed from the street and out of view by 6 a.m. the day following your pickup day.