General Container Rules

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General Rules about Your Containers

  • gencont1The City of Goodyear allows its customers to choose from two sizes of containers for both trash and recycling. We offer 95-gallon and 65-gallon containers. Each new resident is required to choose containers when signing up for City of Goodyear sanitation collection services.
  • Sanitation customers will be charged $6.26 monthly for each additional trash container.
  • Containers belong to the City – not to residents. Containers are assigned to a specific address and marked with serial numbers. When a resident closes their account, the containers must be accessible for removal.
  • Residents shall be responsible for paying a $40 fee for multiple container size changes made within a year. The City reserves the right to provide a larger trash or recycling container to any resident that continuously evidences insufficient container capacity as exhibited by container overflows, spillage and/or litter.
  • The City will charge an additional monthly fee of $6.26 to any residential account refusing to accept a recycling container. The reason for this penalty charge is to encourage recycling because the City better contains its costs with recycling.

Damaged Containers

  •  Any container that is damaged due to resident negligence, such as fire caused by placing hazardous materials or hot ashes in the container, will be replaced at the expense of the resident.
  • Damaged containers should be reported to the city for replacement. The city is responsible for repairs to the containers when damage is caused by normal wear and tear. The resident may be charged for any damaged beyond what is considered normal wear and tear. To report damaged container/s, please call 623-882-7887.