Hazardous Materials

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How to Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste Material


Any item with a circuit board can now be recycled at City of Glendale Municipal Landfill, Right Away Disposal Transfer Station or Bi-Annual Household Hazardous Waste Event.

**CRTV's and CRT Monitors are not accepted at this location.  CRTV's and Monitors can be placed out for bulk collection.

Latex or Oil Paints
The best method of disposal for all types of paint is to "use it up, or pass it on." Give to a neighbor, schools or other non-profit organizations. Remember, empty paint cans or paint that has completely dried in the can is not hazardous and can be placed in your trash container. If the paint is not dried, remove the lid and let the paint dry thoroughly. It can then be disposed in your trash container. Mixing the paint with kitty litter will make the paint dry faster.

Motor Oil/Used Car Batteries

Some automobile repair shops can properly dispose these materials. AutoZone or Checker Auto Parts will accept your motor oil and car batteries at no cost.

Rechargeable Batteries (Nickel-Cadmium, Lithium Batteries)

These are the batteries typically found in rechargeable electronic equipment, such as cordless and cell phones. Rechargeable batteries can be taken to any Best Buy, Lowes or Office Max for proper disposal at no charge.

Alkaline Batteries (AA's, AAA's, C's, D's, and 9-volts)
Dispose of them in the garbage container. These batteries have low toxicity, making them safe to place in your beige trash container.

Leave your used tires with the dealer. Additionally, Maricopa County tire disposal sites will accept up to five tires annually from each Maricopa County resident. Contact the Rainbow Valley Transfer Station at 602-506-4006, or the Queen Creek tire disposal site at 480-987-2498. 

CFL Light Bulbs
CFLs, or Compact Fluorescent Lights, can be taken to any ACE Hardware store for proper disposal. Please contact them for store hours and locations. Another option would be to take them to the Hassayampa Transfer Station; their phone number is 602-506-4006. 


Prescription Medications
Expired or no longer needed prescription medications can be dropped off at the Goodyear Police collection drop off box. Click HERE to learn more.


For all other household hazardous waste items included in the list below, please contact ACTenviro.
There are fees associated with the collection of these items. Please contact them for details.

6212 S 75th Ave 
Laveen AZ 85339


Household Hazardous Waste Materials


·Linseed Oil


·Metal Conditioners

·Art & Hobby Supplies

·Mineral Spirits

·Automotive Glue

·Nail Polish & Removers

·Automotive Products/Antifreeze

·Oil Filters

·Brake Fluid

·Paint Related Material

·Brake Sprays

·Paint Removers

·Carburetor Cleaners

·Photography Chemicals



·Charcoal Lighters


·Cleaners & Waxes (Household)

·Propane Tanks

·Compressor Oils

·Rubbing Alcohol

·Correction Fluids

·Rug & Upholstery Cleaners

·Cutting Oils


·Engine Degreasers

·Shoe Polishes


·Smoke Detectors

·Fire Extinguishers


·Fluorescent Tubes

·Spot Removers

·Fuel Additives





·Transmission Fluids

·Injector Sprays



·Wood Stains


·Spot Removers