What we do


Wastewater Collections Division is responsible for sewer maintenance throughout the City of Goodyear service area.  Contaminated wastewater from homes and industries is conveyed through a system of 1,208,731 feet (229 miles)  of sewer mains, lift stations, manholes, and clean-outs, to the City's three wastewater treatment plants in an environmentally safe manner.


 water reclamation

Water Reclamation is responsible for the City of Goodyear's three wastewater-reclamation facilities, technicians are responsible for the operation and maintenance of a 5.5-million-gallon-per-day reclamation system.  Wastewater is treated to a level that can be safely recharged (allowed to percolate down into the water table). Cleaned, recharged water has the potential to improve the groundwater quality.  The treated reclaim (reused wastewater that has been cleaned to a level just under drinking quality) can also be used for industrial and turf-related uses.